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Terrence in NY

“Take the plunge, trust me, it’ll change your life. It did for me!”

Melly in MA

“Through ZipHearing I was able to get the best treatment option!”

Dustin in TX

“I will definitely be coming back every 4-5 years when I need new hearing aids.”

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Gary H. 

Exceptional return policy

I helped my elderly mother shop hearing aids. My mother ultimately decided to return this set of hearing aids after four weeks. The return process was surprisingly simply and the cost was refunded the same day we returned them. I would definitely recommend ZipHearing to anyone.

Best of both worlds

You get the best of both worlds: a great price purchasing off their website, and great personal service from a local provider who you meet with numerous times getting the hearings aids fitted and adjusted for your needs. Personal local service puts ZipHearing way above the rest of the online sellers.

Marty N. 

I did a lot of research on ZipHearing and hearing aids

I found ZipHearing to be the easiest process and the best value. I saved money on my hearing aids and they referred me to a good doctor who followed all the best practices. Finally a company that lives up to what they promise.

Steve L. 

Barbara B. 

I highly recommend ZipHearing

I highly recommend ZipHearing. They were professional, helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. Their prices were much less than other quotes I received for the same product. I am totally satisfied with their prices, their service and their product that I chose.

Jill C. 

I saved over $1,800 compared to 6 other audiologists I went to

I’m a professional singer, and was about to hang it up due to my Tinnitus- it was beyond unbearable.
I now have my life back in every way.....Seriously. Do it people...this is the real deal.

Jeff F. 

The best customer service I've had with any other company my whole life

The folks there are responsive to your needs and bend over backwards to keep their customers happy. I personally don't know why I waited so long to be able to hear clearly again.

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Traditional Hearing Care

Local service

In-person programming

Ongoing support

Hearing Aids

Best prices

Ultimate convenience

Wide selection of

Hearing Care

Local service

In-person programming

Ongoing support

Hearing Aids

Best prices

Ultimate convenience

Wide selection of

ZipHearing combines the discount pricing of online shopping with the service and convenience of local care


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Neither would we! When you get hearing aids, it’s important to have a local hearing provider’s help, to get a good hearing test, as well as proper setup of the device and ongoing support. When you contact ZipHearing, we’ll refer you to a fully licensed and trained provider near you that will support you throughout this whole process. You’ll get the face-to-face care you’d expect, at our discount prices.

We sell all Starkey Evolv AI models, including the 2400, 2000, 1600, and 1200 models. We offer a range of styles and features, such behind-the-ear models, custom in-the-ear models, Bluetooth compatible models, and lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Yes, you absolutely will, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Do a google search for “ZipHearing reviews,” and you will find over 500 5 star reviews, with many of our customers reporting that we saved them several thousand dollars.

It starts with a free phone call. We’ll answer your questions in a straightforward way, with no sales pitch. If you feel comfortable and would like to visit a ZipHearing provider near you, we’ll let you know who we work with so you can call them to schedule.They’ll do a hearing test and discuss options that may work for you. If you decide to proceed with an order, you’ll return just a few days later, be fit with the hearing aids, and begin your 45 day risk-free trial period. If at any time during that trial period you decide the hearing aids aren’t for you, we’re happy to provide a 100% refund.

We work with over 600 provider locations nationwide, and many of them have been a part of the ZipHearing network for several years. We know them, and we know they know how to properly fit hearing aids and provide good customer service. Prior to committing to anything, we’ll let you know who the providers are near you, so you can independently verify that they are providers you’d be comfortable with.

We do not. If you have an out-of-network benefit, we’re happy to file a claim on your behalf so that your insurance may directly reimburse you.

Let our Starkey hearing aid specialist give you a call

(No sales pitch- ever.)